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Rich Weldon, Mortage Loan Officer, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

This letter serves to recommend Diana Kolec for employment in the field of Real Estate Sales and Sales Manager. I worked with Diana over five years while she was a Sales Agent and Regional Sales Manager for Robbinsreed Development. During this time, I served as a loan officer for Wells Fargo and worked closely with Diana and her prospective new home buyers.

Diana is the best sales agent I have ever met. She is skilled at sales, great at managing her time and incredibly organized. She is persistent without being annoying, and above all she gets results. Diana has a special way of generating trust with prospective buyers at her first meeting with them. She takes the required time and explains everything in detail leaving the prospect with the required knowledge to buy. in my 27 years in the RE lending industry, I’ve never seen anyone so successful with such a high percentage of potential buyers.

Any company should be happy to have Diana Kolec on board.

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