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Larry Lucero, President, Meridian Land Advisors

During the period of March 2013 to June 2016 I worked as the General Manager of the Briar Creek and Dove Creek housing projects in Lompoc and Atascadero, respectively. During that period I oversaw the Fee Build program that the project owner, Corona Land, entered with the firm of Robbins & Reed of San Luis Obispo. Robbins & Reed was responsible for building and marketing the homes built in both of these communities and Diana Kolec was employed by Robbins & Reed initially as Project Sales Manager at Briar Creek and subsequently as overall sales manager for both projects.

In all my dealings with Diana, which consisted of both regular project review meetings as well as addressing any issue impacting our sales efforts on at least a weekly basis, I found Diana to be both highly professional, extremely competent and always focused on achieving our project sales goals.

I would highly recommend Diana to lead any real estate sales and marketing effort. Diana always was appreciated for accurately delivering over 100% effort to our projects and was not hesitant to get involved in the community at large to advance our projects to the successful conclusions we had for both communities.

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