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Darryl Armstrong, Guild Mortgage Company

This is a letter of introduction of Diana Kolec. I have had the pleasure of working with Diana in her capacity as Realtor/Sales Manager at Parkwood South Condominiums. Her association with Robbins Reed Real Estate and her influence and direction in this project has been invaluable to all participants.

Diana did not request this letter from me, I offered it as a way to make sure we populate more of the real estate projects with true professionals like Diana. In my capacity as a sales manager and mortgage lender, I work with most Realtors in our County and Diana is a true high achiever. It is her persistence, dedication and work ethic that make the projects she represents, stand out. She will get your inventory sold.

I would recommend Diana for any project or position commensurate to her abilities. I am comfortable being contacted for questions concerning Diana and her excellence in real estate sales.

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